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Subscriptions & standing orders

Lingua Aegyptia (Journal)
Subscriptions to Lingua Aegyptia (Journal) may be cancelled at any time before the publication of the next issue. Subscribers may order issues of the Studia Monographica series at the reduced subscribers’ prices.

Lingua Aegyptia – Studia Monographica
Widmaier Verlag is offering a standing order service for the Studia Monographica series: If you place a standing order you will receive a copy of each new volume of the Studia Monographica series immediately after publication at the reduced subscribers’ price and with a discount on shipping (international) or free shipping (Germany). Standing orders may be cancelled at any time. To set up a standing order just send an email.

See also the complete terms and conditions (German).

Author Resources

Open access

Articles and Book Chapters

Widmaier Verlag has an open access policy which follows the green route of self-archiving. Authors of articles are asked to sign a copyright transfer agreement (see here for an example) including the following regulations:

1. After an embargo period of 12 months (articles in journal) / 24 months (contributions to collected/edited volume) from official publication an author may put the print version of his/her contribution online (on his/her own website or in a non-profit repository).
2. Before the end of the embargo period authors may already deposit an author-created version of the article. This means the final submission of the paper (post-review but pre-corrections/final editing).
3. The author may only post the article provided acknowledgement is given to the original source of publication.

Authors who are facing specific open access requirements of their employers or funding institutions are asked to contact us.



Widmaier Verlag is offering an open access service for authors who like to make their books freely available upon publication while publishing simultaneously a printed edition (gold open access). This open access service includes:

1. typesetting and mechanical copy editing (specialized in Egyptological and linguistic manuscripts)
2. DOI via CrossRef
3. free distribution (PDF)

You will find further information here.

Review copies

If you like to request a review copy of a publication please contact us.